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Shaul Ben-Meir


Mr. Ben-Meir performed as flutist with Michigan’s highly acclaimed Detroit Symphony Orchestra for more than 30 years . 


Since retiring, he has continued to develop as a multi-faceted individual and musician through his conducting and superb arranging skills for flute ensembles and his adaptations of symphonic works for flute orchestra can be heard around the world.  Many believe his global influence has helped inspire increased interest and growth of flute ensembles at large. 


Additionally, he has performed and led masterclasses across the United States as a soloist and teacher.   Due to his extensive background as a performer and orchestral musician, he has also served as judge for competitions such as the Young Artist Competition and the NFA Orchestral Competition. Additionally, he has conducted the NFA’s Professional Flute Choir at several national conventions and has serverd as conductor for the American Flute Orchestra on their France tour.


Such versatility and accomplishment when reviewing his earlier background is not surprising. He was a student of formidable teachers Geoffrey Gilbert, Joseph Mariano, and Jean-Pierre Rampal. The International Wind Instrument Competition awarded him the Silver Medal in Helsinki, Finland when he was only 21 years of age.


Before commencing his long tenure with the Detroit Symphony, he served as Principal Flutist of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra after which he served as visiting Professor at Ithaca College and later as Artist in Residence at University of Buffalo in New York.

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