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Selections from 2017 Fall Concert "Space Coast Flute Orchestra Goes to the Movies"

Colonel Bogey March, from: Bridge on the River Kwai,  Kenneth J. Alford   arr. Amy Rice Young

Peter Gunn, from: Peter Gunn,  Henry Mancini   arr. Amy Rice Young

Under the Sea, from: Disney's The Little Mermaid,  Alan Menken  arr. Lisa Ochoco  lyrics: Howard Ashman

Adagio for Strings, from: Platoon,  Samuel Barber   arr. Martin Melicharek III

Belle, from: Disney's Beauty and the Beast,  Alan Menken  arr. Lisa Ochoco  lyrics: Howard Ashman  

Pink Panther Theme, from: The Pink Panther,  Henry Mancini  arr. Amy Rice Young

The Sorcerer's Apprentice, from: Disney Fantasia,  arr. Shaul Ben-Meir

Selections from 2017 Spring Concert "Music Around The World"

El Amor Brujo, Manuel de Falla,  arr. Shaul Ben-Meir


El Amor Brujo which translates literally as "Love, the Magician" was commissioned in 1914 as a gypsy piece by Pastora Imperio, a renowned flamenco gypsy dancer.  In 1924 Falla finished a transformation of El amor brujo into a one-act 'ballet pantomímico' and it is this version that is best known today.

Petite Suite, Claude Debussy,  arr. Shaul Ben-Meir


The Petite Suite we hear now is not the piece Debussy composed. Originally it was written for piano duet and later transcribed  for string orchestra by the composer’s colleague Henri Büsser. 

In A Persian Market, Albert Ketelbey,  arr. Shaul Ben-Meir


In A Persian Market is a piece of light classical music that evokes exotic images of camel-drivers, jugglers, and snake-charmers.

Furiant (from Symphony No. 6), Antonin Dvorak,  arr. Shaul Ben-Meir


The Furiant was commissioned by the owner of the London-based publisher J. W. Coates, who requested it for the supplement of his Magazine of Music.  This little piece, characteristic for its effective contrast between the outer “furiant” parts and the more tranquil middle section, is one of the composer’s most successful stylisations of a folk dance.

Selections from 2014 Spring Concert "Flute Fusion"


Egmont Overture, Op 84, Ludwig van Beethoven,  arr. Shaul Ben-Meir


The Egmont Overture is a set of incidental music pieces for the 1787 play of the same name by Goethe.   The overture is in three sections.   The slow and somber opening is regarded as representing the imprisoned Egmont and the oppressed Dutch people.  The following section, "Allegro",  suggests Egmont's optimisim and confidence in the cause of freedom.  The final theme erupts into a celebration of Egmont's inspiring heroism.  The overture later became an unofficial anthem of the 1956 Hungarian revolution.

The Girl from IpanemaAntonio Carlos Jobim,  arr. Kelly Via


This song, composed in 1962, was originally intended for a musical comedy Blimp, which never really took off.   However,  the song became a hit in Brazil and helped to kick off the international  craze for a new style of music called bossa nova.  It went on

to arguably become the second-most recorded popular song in history.

Selection from 2013 Spring Concert "Celebration of Music"

Wordless Songs "Shut- Up and Dance",   Judy Nishimura


"Shut-up and Dance" is a rude title for a preppy chromatic jitterbug dance, complete with cranky piccolo.  Think of two people arguing while they dance.  The truculent piccolo has some bad-tempered outbursts, but everyone forgets about these distractions in order to concentrate on the dance where we hear a short "I told you so" exchange.

Art Gallery Miniatures "Watercolor Wash",  Alan Leech


Alan Leech has composed five pieces of music for the International Flute Orchestra, his music has been heard in many countries around the world.   He currently performs with numerous groups to include musiCollage, the Gallatin Woodwind Quintet, Bozoon (bassoon quartet), Flutes and Friends, and is principal bassoonist with the Bozeman Symphony.

Selection from 2012 Fall Concert "Flutes And Slippers"



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