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SCFO performing

Wow, have we grown over the years . . .


The Space Coast Flute Choir was founded by Nancy Clew-Eller in 1983.  Initially there were twelve members, and under Nancy's direction, the ensemble has grown to its  present size of 40 flutists and performs regularly to a growing audience.


Over the years, literature for flute ensembles has greatly expanded and now incorporates many instruments of the flute family.  Flute orchestras today are similar to what string orchestras were 150 years ago.  Where string orchestras include basses, cellos, violas and violins; flute orchestras include piccolos, e-flat flutes, altos, basses, contrabasses, and double contrabass flutes.  It is these members of the flute family that add color and warmth to the standard, more common C-flute ensemble.


As the Space Coast Flute Choir grew and added these instruments, it was more accurately an orchestra, so in 2001 the group changed its name to The Space Coast Flute Orchestra.


Many members of the orchestra are active in other musical groups in the area, including the Brevard Symphony Orchestra,  The Space Coast Symphony Orchestra, Central Florida Winds,  The Community Band of Brevard and The Melbourne Municipal Band.

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