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SCFO formal group picture

The Space Coast Flute Orchestra was founded in 1983 by Nancy Clew-Eller and is one of the largest, regularly rehearsed flute orchestras in the world. 


It is comprised of musicians from all walks of life and provides adult flutists of Brevard County with educational and performance opportunities, as well as supporting local young flutists and enriching cultural  and performing arts in the community.  It is an all volunteer organization and is supported entirely by patron donations.


Performances of the orchestra frequently feature guest conductors, talented young flutists, and flute soloists.  Concert repertoire is of the highest musical caliber, whether jazz, pops or classical.  The programs are designed to include the latest flute orchestra compositions and arrangements and to challenge the audience to explore and enjoy different genres of music.


Flutists, college age or older, who are interested in becoming a member, are encouraged to audition.


The group spends the summer reading new music, with regular rehearsals beginning in August.  Also, in July, individual members of the orchestra give a recital concert to benefit Suntree United Methodist church as a "thank you" for their generous contribution of rehearsal facilities.

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